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Every Nutritional Values of Apples

different variety of apples


Are one of the best and most nutritious fruits in the world and are available in Iran all throughout the year.

Apples being a popular fruit, are full of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C and K and potassium, also with a high anti-oxidant content, they are very good for the heart as well as lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer. There is an old saying “Eat an apple a day, Keep the doctor away” however exaggerated it has a ring of truth to it. There are many different types of apples like, golden, pippin, red and green and so on; but there are a few differences in the nutritional values of each of them.

Golden Apple:

This apple is one the most popular fruits in Iran. However, this apple does not have a very long shelf life that is why it has to be consumed in a short time.

Golden Delicious apple (which is their international name) are used to make pies and different kind of puddings and deserts, is very juicy and sweet and with a high water content in the fruit. Golden Delicious apples are mainly from Lebanon and it was brought to Iran, cultivated and mass produced.
After a thousand years of cultivation in the Asian and European provinces, this apple reached America. There are many different information about the origins of golden delicious apples, some believe that it originated from western America and expanded from there. Many others believe that this fruit originated from Kazakhstan and due to many migrations throughout thousands of years, this apple reached America and Europe.

golden delicious apple

There is more information about this detail in Amazing History of apples that can help you understand this contract more vividly.
Golden delicious apples can be cultivated in any kind of soil and withstand very low temperatures almost as low as minus 30 degree centigrade. The soil which is cultivating this fruit might not have an impact on the production, but the water fed to the plants and the weather properties are very impactful for a more satisfying product.

Red Apples:

There are a few different verities of red apples, one of which is called red delicious Apples. The red delicious apple is even more available than the golden ones. This apple is very high in water content and is usually consumed by itself or in salads or even making a cake.

The color of this Apple is quit famous being very red and shiny making it the most inviting apple in the world. Iran is one of the main cultivators and producers of red delicious apples, with more than 75% of this product being cultivated in Urmia and West Azerbaijan.
red delicious apple

Green Apples:

The green apples which are mainly named Granny Smith, are mostly cultivated in Australian. Very shorts trees with a late harvesting time, these apples are mid to small sized fruits with a tangy and sour taste but with the same nutritional values of the red and golden apples.

green apple

Pippin Apples:

This apple is mainly cultivated in Khorasan and harvested at the end of the summer. Although this apple is less visually appealing compared to red or golden apples, it is very delicious and full of flavor.

pipin apples

Nutritional Value of Every 100 Grams of Apple:

Energy = 46 Kilo Calories

Fat = 0.17 Grams

Protein = 0.26 Grams

Carbohydrate = 13.81 Grams

Fiber = 2.4 Grams

Cloistral = 0

Sugar = 10.4 Grams

Sodium = 1 Milligrams

Potassium = 107 Milligrams

Calcium = 6 Milligrams

Iron = 0.12 Milligrams

Copper = 0.027 Milligrams

Magnesium = 5 Milligrams

Manganese = 1.3 Milligrams

Sulfuric acid = 3 Micrograms

Vitamin = A 54 units

Vitamin = C 4.6 Milligrams


Apples are full of fiber , Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants which can be very beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and because of their low cloistral, they are a very good food for dieting and losing weight. Eating apples is very fulfilling because of their high carbohydrate and water content. That is why this fruit is favored by athletes and people who are trying to lose weight.


Usually a small apple has 4 grams of fiber which is 17% of our daily fiber needs. This fiber helps with losing weight and controlling the digestive system.


Carbohydrate and water are the main components in an apple. With a few different sugars like sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Carbohydrate is a very important component for athletes that’s why apples are very good in this regard.

Vitamin C:

Apples are a great source of Vitamin C even though they are lower than most citruses, they are still very good source to provide the body of this Vitamin.


This component is the main mineral that is present in the fruit. Which if consumed regularly it can help with many heart problems.

We will be talking more about apples specially in traditional medicine.



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