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Apples are sorted in 2 environments; they either get sorted in the farm or in the cold storage. Never the fact, they are sorted by Hand because we are aiming for grade A quality in our product. Hand Sorting gives us the ability to delicately care for each apple and in larger scale, each basket.

Apple Types:
Iranian Apples are cultivated in 2 different environments. Firstly “Dashtestaan” (plain fields used cultivation) and secondly “Koohestaan” (mountain fields used for cultivation).
Dashtestaan Apples, are lower in density and weigh between 120 to 180 grams and have higher sugar content. However, Koohestaan Apples have high density and weigh between 180 to 240 grams and have lower sugar content.

In this video you can see our loading process step by step (Sorting, Quality Control and Loading).

Verity of Apples:
We are able to supply 3 variety of Apples. Including, Lebanese Red Delicious Apples and Gala Apples. We guaranty the great quality and consistency of them, Specially for the Red Apples more than 80% redness is acquired.

Generally, most baskets weigh between 400 to 450 grams but we use 500 gram baskets to ensure durability and strength. We also provide baskets in variety of colors and are able to modify the baskets tailored to the buyers’ needs.

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