Our story started a few years ago when I decided to leave my country, Iran, to pursue my business in Moscow-Russia. My name is Armin. In the summer of 2018 began to work and make a living in Moscow by buying Date Fruits from Iran and selling them in Moscow. I was at it for almost one and a half years and I was learning the craft. However, like everything in life that has an upside and a downside, I needed to return to Iran in order to proceed for the renewal of my visa. I was getting the hang of living in Moscow and trying to grow my business but unknowingly, this trip was the end of all my progress. When I got back to Iran the COVID virus outbreak happened around the world and like everyone else I was confused and unsettled, but after all this time working hard, I couldn’t just give up the experience that I gained

In the summer of 2020, I decided to take advantage of this experience and my uncle who is a successful business man with more than 10 years of experience in trading with different countries specially “INDIA”, his main market, helped to learn more about all the details of this business. Starting from the bottom again Was hard, especially because I saw how the first and second world countries pursue and maintain their businesses and I couldn’t just go back to the old school ways.

Considering all these limitations, I didn’t give up and decided to visit my friend, Arta to share the idea of working, considering high standards used in first and second world countries with him. Arta is a successful drummer who has played a lot of different venues and worked with various artists, also as one of the fastest drummers in Iran, he holds the record for the fastest feet. Unexpectedly after hearing my ideas Arta was very interested and excited to work on this idea with me. It was then and there that we decided to begin our work together so we can sell Iranian Dates, Apples and Kiwis to all the countries around the world.

Eventually, after many hardships in the fall of 2020 we started “RAAH” to be able to connect with countries all around the world. We are proud to be here with you at this moment ,as a younger generation that aspires to provide a different experience, in order to gain your trust and create a stronger connection.