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Apples in Traditional Medicine

different variety of apples

In the previous articles

we talked about the history of dates and apples. In this one, we will be talking about the temperaments of apples and their role in traditional medicine.

Apples are the most beneficial fruits whether in modern medicine or traditional medicine.

Due to apples significant sedative effect, they have become a superior in traditional medicine. It is important to mention that apples have different tempers, based on their color and taste.



There basically are 4 temperaments in traditional medicine:

  • melancholic
  • sanguine
  • phlegmatic
  • choleric


The universe is made by the 4 elements of earth, water, wind and fire. The human body is also made by the 4 main elements;

These temperaments are in the form of liquid compounds. When we eat something, due to the chemical reactions in the liver, the human temperament forms that are; melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic and choleric.

The melancholic temperament is warm and dry, phlegmatic temperament is cold and moist, choleric is cold and dry and sanguine is warm and moist.

Each of the mentioned temperaments have their own individual effect on body, both physically and mentally. We can get to know the temperaments and their features and this way, treat our illnesses.

Note that, every person and food have their own temperament and apples are not an exception. Before we go ahead and talk about apples temperament, let’s talk about different breeds of them.


Red apple

We have several types of red apples, one of which is called Red Delicious.

This apple is more available than yellow apples. The red delicious apple is bright inside and has a creamy, crunchy, soft and juicy texture. It is recommended to eat the apple itself, or use it in salads and cakes.

In terms of color, we can say that red is stimulating and appetizing and energetic color, and I think red apple is the most attractive apple in terms of appearance.

Iran is one of the production and export hubs of Red Delicious apples, which are mostly cultivated in West Azerbaijan, especially in Urmia. About 75% of all Iranian apples are produced in West Azerbaijan.

red delicious apple

Green apple

The Latin name for this variety is Granny Smith apple, which is a green apple native to Australia. Its tree has short stems and is late bloomer. Green apples are often large and semi-large and their harvest is in October.

This variety of apple has a sour taste and is usually firmer than yellow and red ones, but its properties are similar to other varieties.

green apple

Pippin apple

The planting conditions of pippin apple seedlings are almost the same as other breeds. Pippin is originally from Khorasan and is bred in Iran and harvested in late summer.

Pippin apple does not look as beautiful as Red Delicious or Golden Delicious, but it is much more fragrant and has a unique and good taste.

pipin apples


Apples with different colors have different properties in traditional medicine;

The sweeter and more ripe the apple, the warmer it is.

Red and yellow apples, which are not ripe, are warmer and moister.

The more it turns green and has a sour taste, the colder and drier its temperament becomes.


Among different breeds, yellow apple is a laxative.

While quality and ripe apples have many miraculous properties, raw and sour apples are harmful.

Excessive consumption of raw apples, due to its cold temperament, causes bloating and abdominal pain, and excessive consumption of sour apples also has a negative effect on nerves and memory.


According to Abu Ali Sina : If a person is sad and has warmth resistance, apples are useful in modulating this warmth and relieving sadness.

Of course, traditional medicine does not say that in the short term, by consuming this fruit, you will achieve the desired benefits. What Abu Ali Sina said is, you will feel its effect slowly after consuming it for several days or several weeks.


6 amazing apple products that traditional medicine experts recommend:

  • Apple paste:

    The cooked and heated apple has some special properties. Eating apple paste is recommended for people who cannot eat raw fruit due to stomach and intestinal problems.


  • Hot apple with cinnamon:

    As we said above, heated apple has good benefits. Adding some cinnamon to it, will make it even more beneficial and tasty.

  • Apple syrup:

    This product has positive effects on cold, hoarseness, cough and nervous problems.


  • Yellow apple juice:

    yellow apples are high in fiber, so eating them can help with constipation. The juice is also a good laxative.


This mixture is highly recommended in Ramadan with the matutinal meal to prevent weakness during fasting.


  • Honey, chia seeds, apples and water:

This combination cleanse the colon (the colon is the end part of the large intestine).


Apple fruit and apple juice are very useful for skin and hair due to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C. They increase the body’s immunity, and in traditional medicine, they reduce fever.

According to Dr. Jean Valnet, apples disinfect the intestines and cause diastase secretion in the intestines, which is a bactericidal. This fruit can also help with constipation and diarrhea, which means that it regulates the intestines.



The word Mosleh means Peacemaker, conciliator, reformer and one who sets things right. In terms of traditional medicine Mosleh is the fruit or food that is better to be consumed with some other food in order to minimize their possible side effects or maximize the beneficial effects of that food.

Lettuce and oxyment, cucumber with mint and rose, yogurt with some syrups, rice with black cumin, drinking yogurt with cinnamon and thyme, egg with cinnamon, tahini and date syrup, lentil soup and heracleum persicum, oat Ash with black pepper, Abgoosht with onion, Kebab with sumac, fish with walnuts and black pepper and garlic and so on… .

These were examples of Mosleh that we have used and heard many years ago, but maybe did not know the reason for it.

We can say that Mosleh has a neutralizing and catalytic effect in our body that if a food has a bad property, it reduces it and helps it to digest and absorb more of its food benefits.

Rose, cinnamon, raisins, honey an etc. are the Mosleh for apples.


In some cases, like temperaments, the statements of traditional medicine experts are not accepted by modern medicine doctors and many of traditional medicine statements may not have scientific and statistical evidence.

Many modern medicine doctors deny the existence of traditional medicine and completely reject the claims of its specialists.


translated by Golman Araghi


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