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Interesting Uses of Apple Leftovers

Apple Leftover

Interesting Uses of Apple Leftovers 

So many interesting edible and non-edible products can be made with apple leftovers. These products can be used in both raw and processed forms which we will talk about further in this article.

Apple is a very nutritious fruit with many properties and should be included in our diet. Apple is rich in antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates and various vitamins. That’s why it’s better to make the most of all parts of it, including its leftover!

A Brief History of Apples

We hear about apples, every day in our life. It is also mentioned a lot in religious and mythological books and stories, for example, the story of the forbidden fruit or the story of an apple falling on Newton’s head that led to a spark in his mind and the discovery of the earth’s gravity, which, of course, some say is a lie, but decades after Newton passed away, this story is still being told.

We have given more complete explanations about the history of apples in a separate article on our website. You can have access to the reference article by clicking on the link below.

Apples in Medicine

Not only apples are delicious, they also are very nutritious, this is why both medical doctors and traditional medicine experts highly recommend us to have an apple a day.

There is a saying that says: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This fruit has a significant amount of fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamin C. Despite the presence of carbohydrates in apples, they are low in calorie, so they curb the hunger away and are good energy source for athletes.

Apples have a lot of water in them, which can be a good source for people who don’t drink enough water.

Roasted apple peels

Half of the fiber of an apple is in its peel, so even if you don’t like to eat an apple with the peel, you can put the peels aside on a tray, sprinkle them with some spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg then put it in the oven and make a delicious and beneficial snack.

It can also be used in salads.

apple peel

Apple Peel Powder

First, dry the apple peels in the oven or dryer.

Then put it in the freezer and after they are completely frozen, you can grind it either in a blender or in a grinding mill.

You can use apple powder in your water to make it flavored so you can drink more water more easily or you can use it as a spice along with cornflakes or in your breakfast.

Detox Water

Detox water is water that is flavored with fruits or greens.

The fruits and greens do not need to be blended or juiced, they only need to be soaked in water and that makes detox water very easy to make.

The flavors in detox water can motivate you to drink more water and the good part is that it does not have a lot of calories, so you can easily drink a lot of it during the day and you can replace it with high-calorie drinks.

The fruits and greens in detox water are not extracted or juiced, and are just soaked in water, so they only give a taste to the water and the most favorable fact about detox water is that they motivate us to drink more water.

If you want to get the vitamin of the fruits or greens, It is better to drink their juice or extract of them rather than soaking them in water.

apple peels detox water
apple cinnamon water

Benefits of drinking enough water:

Balances Body PH

Improves digestion

Boosts immunity system

Increases the amount of energy

Reduces bad breath

Gives a glowing skin

According to the above, these benefits are mostly due to drinking enough water, not the added ingredients.

Detox Water with Apple Peel

Put apple peel (preferably cool or frozen) in water and this can be your Detox Water, but you can also add any other ingredients to it, such as:

Lime – ginger – orange or orange peel – basil – strawberry – cinnamon

After adding the apple peel and any of the mentioned ingredients, put the water in the refrigerator to cool down for a few hours so that it can get taste the apple skin and other ingredients.

The longer it stays, the better it tastes.

Frozen Apple Peel

Apple peel is a rich source of fiber. Put the apple peel in the freezer in a way that it is not exposed to the air. Once it is ready, crush it in smoothies as a sweetener and source of fiber.

You can also put it on pancakes and waffles or just sprinkle cinnamon on the frozen peels and enjoy them as a snack.