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Mazafati dates | Everything You Need to Know About Mazafati Dates

Iranian Mazafati dates

Is Mazafati Dates Just In Iran?

A Special Look to Mazafati Dates:

Mazafati dates is one the most known and the most popular dates in Iran.
We have mentioned many times in numerous articles that there are thousands of variety of Dates in the world and the 50 types of these Dates that are cultivatable in Iran, are produced and consumed.

Between these 50 varieties, there are a few that are produced more than the inside use and they are exported to other countries. 5 types of these 50 varieties are mass produced and getting exported in a large scale.

These 5 Date Types Include:

1- Mazafati Dates
2- Esta`meran Dates
3- Piarom Dates
4- Zahedi Dates
5- Kabkaab Dates

Iranian Mazafati datesEsta'meran datesPiarom datesZahdei datesKabkaab dates


We will try to talk about these 5 types of dates in the future. But for now we want to focus on Iranian Mazafati Dates. Because Iran is the biggest and the best producer of Mazafati Dates, In the world.

In Which Parts of Iran Are Dates Cultivated:

Mazafati Dates are cultivated in a mass scale around the center of Iran. Kerman is the largest cultivator in Iran. The weather and atmospheric properties of this part of Iran enabled the locals to create big Palm tree fields specially in the south east part of Kerman to be able to cultivate the best Mazafati Dates in the World.

Cities like, Bam, Kahnooj, Narmaashir, Fahrej and a few more cities and villages are so famous in cultivating this variety of Date fruits. In fact, where ever in the world that are interested in Dates know these places with details.
Mazafati Dates are harvested at the end of summer and it goes on until mid-fall.

These harvested Dates are kept in a cold storage and usually last until April when exporting dates is popular.

Producing Mazafati Dates in Bam City:

Around 180 to 200 tons of Mazafati Date is produced in this city every year. Because of lack of productivity and low investments in packing and boxing of the Mazafati Dates, our Dates have a lower price or let’s say the farmers have less power in rising their prices and the dealers and brokers which are not in favor of the farmers.

What Sets the Price for Mazafati Dates:

Properties like the size of the Dates, the amount of syrup or juice that is in the packs that can be natural or artificial, the color of the Dates which must be dark and/or black, lack of damage or visual problems have the highest impact on the pricing of the Mazafati Dates.

All About the Mazafati Dates:

Dates are usually categorized in fruits, because they are the most energy producing food between all of them. Dates are known as a fruit with a lot of energy in a way that in every 100 grams there is 160 calories of energy. No other fruit has this property even though they might be more expensive than Date fruits.

Dates are a good source of iron. In every 100 grams of dates there is 3.1 milligrams of iron which is same as the same amount of iron in chicken and fish. We should mention that between fruits, berries, grapes, hawthorns, melons and coconuts are rich with iron as well.

Dates, just like other fruits, have high fiber content and can help with digestion. Dates have the same properties as other fruits when it comes to vitamins. The main interest of this fruit is being a very powerful source of energy. Meaning you can get a very high amount of energy in a very low amount of the fruit.

Iranian Mazafati Dates

In 100 grams of dates there is the energy equivalent to 1000 grams of cucumber, 500 grams of plums or apples or pears and 200 grams of grapes.

looking at the prices and value of this fruit, it’s just about what has been normalized. Dates are a very affordable fruits. For example, a pineapple is a very expensive fruit with not that many nutritious properties. The point is that we must consume many different foods to have a balance diet.
It is important to know that fruits like Dates with their high sugar content must be consumed carefully by people who suffer from diabetes or obesity.

Dates can be a very powerful cure for tiredness and anemia. Different types of dried Dates are used for their iron and also they are full of potassium.

Eating 10 Dates with 80 grams of weight, satisfies 10% of body’s need for vitamin b3 and 5% of B1 and B2. Vitamin B3 is very good for digestion problems, skin problems and so on. Vitamins B1 and B2 are very powerful for controlling the nervous system.


We tried to give you sufficient information about this product. Dates specially Mazafati Dates are one of Iran’s important productions. Meaning, knowing about this fruit is important for us Even if it’s just general knowledge

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