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Untold Properties of the Meat Part of Dates

date fruit in Iran


Untold Properties of the Meat Part of Dates:

Many nutritionists say that the iron in Date fruits, is a very impactful cure to iron deficiency. The majority of Dates are sugars in a way that 67% of dates are cumulated by them specially sucrose and fructose. Almost 2.5 % of the date fruits is protein with 7.5 milligrams of eatable fibers, one milligrams of iron, potassium, vitamin A, beta-carotene, 41 milligrams of calcium and 57 milligrams of phosphor. It is important to mention that because of Date Fruit’s high fiber content, it is a very powerful substance for preventing colon and gastrointestinal cancer. It also helps to control and lower the sugar content of the blood.
As was mentioned above, the high iron content of Date Fruits (1 milligrams in every 100 grams), is a very substantial amount of iron for any food group which helps a lot in mainly iron deficiency and many cardiovascular diseases.



Medical Properties of the Meat Part of Dates:

Date Fruits are one of the sweetest and most palatable foods in the fruit category (among all fruits) with high content of calcium, phosphor, magnesium and many useful vitamins which can be very impactful on preserving the body’s health. The male Palm Tree, which is called Tarooneh in Fars province, if consumed freshly, is a very powerful enhancer for the heart and the liver and if rubbed on teeth, can prevent tooth from decay and cavity.

Using the oil extracted from the Dates and mixing it with olive oil in a daily routine, creates a very interesting remedy that can help with headache and ulcer and also, if rubbed on the head, is a very good cure to hair loss. By consuming just 15 grams of dates daily, iron and blood deficiencies can be prevented.

Mazafati Dates
Numerous experts, such as professor Del Bet, believe that magnesium deficiency creates the basis of cancer. Therefore, consuming dates is very important because of its magnesium content specially since it is used in places with a lot of exposure to sunlight. We should also add that Dates are very good laxatives and consuming one or two Date Fruits daily, can help with constipation. Recently, a substance called “Diostulence” was extracted from the Date Fruits which can be recognized as an herbal cortisone that can be consumed and used as an anti-allergenic and can prevent diseases like, rheumatism, many skin diseases and several illnesses that accrued because of allergies.

There are many inflammations such as skin, muscle and throat inflammations that can be prevented by consuming this fruit. A very important fact about dates is that because of its high magnesium content, it is the perfect substitute to processed sugar from candy canes because it can control the kidney’s job more efficiently.
Presence of potassium and magnesium helps with the balance of ions in the body and is an aid for cleansing the blood. Phosphor is a very important substance for brain function and the nervous system’s balance which the brain craves for to be efficient.


Using the Palm Tree pollen and applying it to the skin is very good for keeping the skin moist and fresh.

Orthopedic Properties:

There is a thin white skin on the dry Dates, which can be separated very easily and can be used for bone fractures and orthopedic problems.
According to recent studies by Khuzestan University, alongside the food industry of this province, they found out that around 8 to 10 percent of Date seeds are consist of oils that are used in cleansers like shampoos, soaps and washing powders. The Palm tree has so many interesting properties that can be used in all sorts of industrial and homemade remedies. There is an Arabic saying which goes like this: for each day of year there is a use for Palm Trees.

Palm tree leaves are used for making baskets, the seeds are used for bread making and from the Dates we can have honey. As we know, Dates are the only fruits in the desert parts of the world so it can satisfy all the needs that people in these regions have. The Date seeds are also grounded and used as coffee because brewing it is very inviting and nourishing. The seeds are also very good food for camels. Now we can understand that the Palm tree and Date Fruits have so many useful properties and almost every part of each product can be utilized.

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