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Iranian Mazafati Dates



One of the most important factors while sorting, is the grade of the dates that are being packed and sorted. This grading consists of grade A, B and C and it is vital for us as suppliers to show the quality control that we have over the packing and sorting process of the dates and alter the products’ grade as you -the importer- demand.

Variety of Dates:

There are more than 3000 varieties of Date Fruits around the world but 15 of them are being cultivated in Iran and exported internationally, Including Mazafati, Piarom, Khasoei, Shahani, Rabbi and so on. We are mainly focusing on Bam’s Mazafati Dates due to its uniqueness to Iran and the high quality of cultivation that is being done with this product

In this video you can see the storage, hand sorting, sheering and packing of the Dates and most importantly the weight of each mother carton and pallet.

Weight and Layout:

The weight of the packages for Date Fruits, is the most important factor for any importer and exporter to be informed of. We guarantee mother cartons weighing between 6.8 and 7.2 Kgs and baby cartons between 600 to 650 grams. The weight of the packs, with proper sorting, would be in this range and the layout of the dates must be 4*4*3 which overall would be 48 dates in each baby carton and 9 baby cartons in a mother carton and 115 to 120 mother cartons on each pallet.

Packing and Shearing:

providing the right packaging and Shearing process is very important to us. We can modify the packages to the importers needs and use their desired brand of boxes.  Some importers demand the shearing process to be done on both baby and mother cartons, this is something that we are able to do in order to satisfy our customers.



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