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Why Do We Need a Website For Our Business?


Physical store or website:

In the olden days, when there was no internet, we used to browse in/through different shops to find what we were looking for, Going street to street and shop to shop to buy one or two things. This way we could see all the products that excited and choose the one that was appropriate to our needs. Different factors were at play when we went to a shop; like the design and layout of the shop, how the salespeople would talk and communicate with us and eventually their customer service.

Nowadays everything has changed. walking from shop to shop has given its place to using the internet to satisfy your needs, whether they’re buying or selling a product. People who have such a busy life, don’t have the time or energy to spend on browsing shops looking for products. They prefer to satisfy their needs by “Online Shopping” in the comfort of their home. Considering this development in the need of society, it’s better to get on board this train and create an adequate condition to develop a website and modernize your business to get a more desirable result.

In our other article “What Details Should We Pay Attention to While Designing a Website?” we talked in detail about the important factors that should be focused on while developing a website.

Let’s Go Over a Few Important Reasons That Shows Us the Impact of a Website for Our Business

1. The amount of time that every individual spends, browsing on the internet:

In Canada people are spending around 37 hours every month to browse the internet(which would be around 1 hour every day per person) and in USA, around 35 hours a month. Although these statistics are not completely accurate but just form a role of thumb we can see how important and impactful online shopping and developing your existing business is, to be able to use the internet in your own benefits.
In Iran the statistics however vague, is really interesting. They show that from 40 million active users, every individual spends 4 hours of their day browsing on the internet. This shows how high the usage of internet is in Iran. So now we know there is a high potential for an online business to be successful in Iran.

2. Having a website gives credibility to our business:

In the old days we only trusted buying our products from shops. We didn’t trust venders or other forms of shopping as much as we trusted a place specifically designed for selling the product that we wanted.
In the virtual world there are many different platforms for buying or selling products and they even provide good customer service, but a website for your business is like having specific shop for your product. An individual feels safe when sees that you have your own proper website and trusts the product or the service you’re selling. However, not having a website creates a bad mindset in the users and might even get discouraged to buy your product or use your services.

3. A Well Designed Website, Opens Up Various Marketing Channels for Our Business:

Having a website gives us the opportunity to have a permanent presence in the virtual world. A website is like a billboard for your business. If you take the time and energy to develop it in to something that would interest users in different ways, you can use this website very efficiently to provide the services that you have or sell the product that you are advertising to the users.

4. A Website Allows You To Collect Useful Information About The Users:

Usually when you want to use a certain service or buy a specific product from a website, you have to sign up or even just share your personal information, like you mobile phone number or your email address which gives the website owner a good tool to connect with the users and develop their website to tailor to the users’ needs and make it firstly user friendly and secondly to have the user come back and use the website again



We can see how important having a well-developed website is for a business. No matter if you are starting your business or have got many years of experience in your field, having a proper website is one of the essentials of progressing in your business. However, in Iran because of the appearance of different social media platforms such as Instagram or telegram, the business owners neglect working on their websites. Because they are using these platforms to sell their product or services instead of using them as “Display” for their product or their services. Ignoring the impact of a website is a very wrong move in digital marketing. A social media platform should inform the buyers of what you provide, but it should guide them to the website to be able to create a safe environment to buy their preferred product or service and create trust in both parties.
Another upside of a website is that unlike many different social media platforms, a website undergoes filtering way more rarely, so it makes a safe tool for a business to grow and progress to improve and archive better results.

There are many reasons why a website is essential to a business, but we’ve tried to mention the most important factors and to share our own experience in this endeavor. We hope what we share for you would help you develop your business in a more productive manner.


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