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What Details Should We Pay Attention to While Designing a Website?

A website generally consists of two parts:


2. Content.

In this article we are trying to give you some pointers about how to design the Template of a website.

When designing a template, we should focus on the Structure and Sorting the Content.


Before starting this detailed article it’s important to mention that if you don’t have enough time or energy while needing more technical and an experienced work done or you have a complex and unique design for your website in mind, do not hesitate to consult with a professional and use their services. This way, you can satisfy your vision for your online business. Note that, assuming that working and being successful in the virtual world is easy, is incorrect and a lot of knowledge and experience is needed to succeed. Therefore, don’t underestimate getting in to this line of work.

  1. Structure:

This issue is more connected to the technical part of a website and it highly depends on the experience and technical knowledge of the person who designs a website. We are here to talk about the visual aspect of the website.

  1. Sorting The Content:

This includes the size of every window in the website, such as the articles, texts and the color scheme of the different parts of a website.



1. The Laws of Visual Hierarchy:


The chart above is one of the main references, which we found tangible and used to design our website. We will use parts of our website to show you the attention to details we used.

Firstly, at the starting page, as soon as the website is opened you are welcomed with a large picture, which can be replaced with an animation or a video. This large (Full Screen) content is very impactful at the start of a website because it gives the feeling of the tardiness of a website, and it feels like how it is supposed to look like. And we use our logo in a large font on the top-left and a table option on the right, so the user can see the websites options in a larger font with ease.


When you scroll down from the first page, you can see that we use the same layout as the tables. However, the most impactful factor here is the size and the number of the lines of texts that we used. The text should be correctly sized because the boldness of the site would come out if the text would be bigger because a smaller size for the text wouldn’t catch the users eye and they would just go past it, and this denies the boldness of the website.


Scrolling down further on the website you can see the proportions that we use to put the pictures together, in a way that the colors of the picture reflect on the third page.


Now you can see how the link we shared above was an important reference for our design. In order to understand the differences in the use of the references in the link better, we will show Abad Rahan Pars International Group website. This website is designed with small features for every element. Small slides with small fonts, and short texts!

What we understood is that are designed websites with larger theme, have a long and big landing page (the first page of a website). However, websites with a small theme have small pictures in there landing page.

Another factor is the number of pages in each website. For example, our website includes 6 pages of large themed elements while Abad Rahan Pars International Group’s website has got less pages with small themed elements.


  1. The Importance of the First Page of a Website:

Using a proper title for the landing page of your website is extremely impactful to catch the user’s attention and give them enough information about your business, so as soon as the page is shown, the user will know the page’s line of work. Different kinds of content can be used for the landing page, like videos, a relatable picture or an animation with a short description of your work. Nowadays, using more simple image or video is the norm.


  1. Users Pay a Lot of Attention to The End of the Website:

according to the studies we had on 25 million people, we found out that after the landing page, the end of the website is really important and needs to include the main subjects and points of the business. Understanding that “LESS IS MORE” is essential.


  1. Use Simple Structures and Frameworks for Your Website:

According to Google’s statistics, the websites that use simplified visual designs are more noticed by the users.


Try to inform the users of your services or products without them needing to click on something, because experience shows that reading is more comfortable for the users instead of clicking on something to find out the desired information. In our website, most of the information that is needed is right there in the landing page and the user can easily read about our work and become interested, and for more information they can click and get more info about our services and products.


  1. Use Pictures of Personals and Team Members:

Using the pictures of people who are involved in the business helps to create a personality for the website. By using these kind of pictures, you can design the color scheme of your website and make the visual aspects of the pictures and the team members stand out. Including the resume of the team members is another good idea, which we have used in our own website.


Do Not Forget About the Colors! Incorporating the right colors for your website design is very essential. We will try to compose an article about it in our website.


  1. Link Your Blog Posts to The Main Page:

Connecting different parts of the website to each other to guide the users to look around the website is very important. If you have talked about your work or mentioned an article in your blog about a subject, they should give the user the ability to jump from one page to another and explore the website.

  1. Your Website Should Be Responsive:

This means, your website must be adjusted to work with different interfaces. Whether it’s a computer, a tablet or a phone, the website must be well designed; the pictures should be fitted in a way that there would be no problems with any kind of electronic devices. According to Google’s statistics, phones are one of the main tools for exploring, since more than 50% of the users are using phones, being compatible with a phone screen is essential for your website.

  1. Having The Right Dynamic for Your Website

This means keeping the website up to date with all the changes that we do to any part of the website. For example, if you add articles to your blog, it is important to update the links that connect other parts of your websites to this blog accordingly and keep the website up dated with new information and content.

  1. Content Creation and Writing Blogs:

Content creation is another one of the most impactful tools for a website. Whether it’s about learning, interviews, explaining your products and services or just an article about your line of work, the content you create can make your website be known. Avoid unoriginality and coping other peoples or websites content for your own.


Most of the information given is basic and universal that can be used in any way needed and adjusted to the need of the website owner and designer. Following these tips is a very good tool for creating an interesting website for your business.




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