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Untold benefits of having dates in our meals





Dates have an excellent nutrition profile among fruits and are known as a tasty fruit all over the world.

In addition to their high cultural and religious values, dates have their own special place in traditional medicine.

Dates contain a variety of nutrients and are high in fiber and sugar, but to make the most of date fruits benefits is it necessary to consume them in special conditions? Does the effect of this fruit on the body differs during the day? What is the ideal time for consuming the date?

Stay with RAAH and keep on reading if you would like to find the answers:

Nutrition facts  (per 100g)

–         Calories: 282

–         Protein: 2.5 grams

–         Total Carbohydrates: 75grams

–         Dietary Fiber: 8grams

–         Sugars: 64grams

–         Calcium: 3%

–         Iron: 5.7%

–         Potassium: 14% (19%)

–         Magnesium: 10%

–         Copper: 23%

–         Selenium: 6%

–         Vitamin B6: 10%

–         Folate: 6%

One of the main problems in consuming date fruits, specially for people who like this fruit, is the small size of dates. This makes them eat too many dates without noticing and because dates are high in sugar and fiber, the excessive consumption of them can be problematic and harmful for your body, so be careful with the number of dates you eat per meal.

1)   dates  In the breakfast time:

Consuming dates can bring a natural and normal amount of sugar and fiber to your breakfast routine. It can also keep you full during the day.

2)    as afternoon snacks:

Dates are good sources of fiber and natural sugars. The combination of Fiber and the natural sugars can gradually increase the blood sugar without creating the unwanted glucose spikes and this will give you good amount of energy.

afternoon meal

3)   for when you are hungry:

Dates are a concentrated source of energy and due to the existence of high amount of fiber in them, they can make you satisfied and keep you full. If you are feeling hungry but you want to avoid having a whole meal, just try mixing some peanut butter with dates which is a good combination and is full of fiber, carbohydrates and protein.

4)   before working out:

Although dates are naturally high in sugar, they do not create glucose spikes and there is a type of slow-releasing carbohydrates in them that creates a constant flow of energy in your body which is ideal for working out. Eating 3 to 4 dates between 30 to 60 minutes before your workout is recommended.

dates and walnuts

5)   as night snacks:

Dates are perfect night snacks because they are high in fiber and digesting fiber takes longer time, so they make you feel less hungry during the night.


Contraindications of dates

If you are suffering from Irritable Bowl System (IBS):

People with Irritable Bowl System or digesting problems may be allergic to foods with FODMAP which are small carbohydrate chains. Dates as a source of fructose, can cause stomach problems and bloating.

After a big meal:

Dates are high in fiber and take a long time to digest, therefore having excessive amount of dates after a big heavy meal can upset your stomach.

If you have allergies:

Although it is rare, some people might be allergic to dates, if you think you might be the same, consult with a doctor before consuming .

If you have diarrhea:

Dates contain sorbitol and this can stimulate peristalsis a so it is recommended to avoid consuming dates until your diarrhea is treated.

You should note that: consuming dates immediately after having the main course is not recommended at all. All types of dates are considerably high in fiber and this makes them hard to digest, therefore eating them right after meals can make your digestive system work very intense and this leads to bloating and stomachache or even diarrhea. Due to the existence of sorbitol in dates, they can increase the peristalsis (bowl movements) and this can worsen diarrhea. Except for the things that were mentioned in this article, or the allergic side effects that may occur in a person for consuming dates, there are no other contraindications.

Except for the conditions that were told earlier, no other contraindications exist for consuming dates. In fact, dates are nutritious and they can be consumed as snacks or added to meals.


Dates are tasty and nutritious and they are good snacks. All varieties of dates are high in fiber, calorie and natural sugars, this is why they can be added to meals and consumed as snacks. According to the abilities of our digestive system, there is not a special time for consuming dates during the day, so you can enjoy eating them whenever you desire. Dates are full of fiber and sugar and if consumed in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, can give a good amount of energy and make you satisfied. Apart from all these advantages, if you are suffering from IBS or you are allergic and have diarrhea, consult with a doctor before consuming dates.


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translated by Golman Araghi

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