Name: Arta
Last Name: I.Maghsoodi
Age: 26 y.o

Education: Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering From IAU,
Science and Research Branch of Tehran

My name is Arta and you can see my personal information above.
While studying for my bachelors degree i gained one year of experience working for a blending and processing company named “Kimia Ravankar Pars” focusing on processing base oil into vehicle and mechanical oil, grease, coolant and other products.
Having the experience of traveling the world and seeing different cultures around the world for example: The United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, Melanesia, United Kingdoms, France and other countries, as well as, working as a chemical engineer along side my father who is a factory owner in the UAE, doing international businesses was the best way to make use of this experience and create a better future.
Along side my educational and professional experience in the field of chemical engineering, I’ve been working in the music industry as a Drummer and a musician for almost 10 years, gaining experience in many live performances, studio recording and album productions in the national and international music scene. Also, as one of the fastest drummers in Iran, i have the official ranking of the Fastest Drummer in the “Feet” category to my name.