Name: Saber
Last Name: Jafarzadeye Yadegari
Age: 39 y.o
Education: Bachelor degree in industrial engineering from university of Tehran, Bachelor degree in flour and bread engineering from university of Maragheh

My name is Saber and you can see my personal information above.
With a rich background in the flour industry from 1950 from my childhood, I can tell I am engaged in this business. After I graduated from Tehran University in 2003, I started working professionally in the flour industry and continued growing my family business. While expanding my business, I started educating and training in flour and bread engineering from Maragheh University and started working with flour in a more creative way. In 2008 I decided to establish a company focusing on storing fruit. However, I kept working as a consultant in the flour business. As a cold storage owner and manager, I focused on mainly storing a variety of apples to be able to export them internationally. I have also worked on importing fruits like Bananas and Oranges and stored them to be consumed in the country and to this day, all my efforts have gone to improve and expand my business in the fruit industry.