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Situations Where Consuming Date fruits is Harmful to Us

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What are the disadvantages of date fruits?

Date fruits is a good source of fiber, minerals and vitamins and they have a lot of health benefits, so the daily consumption of dates can be the treatment and prevention of many diseases. All in all, date fruits are very valuable but as well as any other things, consuming too much of them can harm your body:


  1-Excessive consumption of dates leads to stomach and digestive problems:

  • Date fruits themselves, cannot cause stomach problems, but once they are added some sulfate to, which is usually being done nowadays, can be dangerous for the digesting process. Sulfate is a chemical substance which is added to dry dates in order to kill the surface bacteria and keep the fruit fresh and healthy. On the other hand, sulfate can be allergic to some people and cause stomachache and digestive problems like diarrhea and bloating.


  • Date fruits are full of fiber and we all know that fiber can prevent constipation, but the excessive consumption of dates can exactly do the opposite. If you are not used to having a considerable amount of fiber per meal, and you have too much fiber at once, you might experience digestive problems like constipation and bloating. Not enough research studies have been done around this fact, but we should mention that in some cases, consuming too much date can cause diarrhea as well.


  2-Excessive consumption of dates can trigger asthma disease:

  • There has not been enough studies about the effect of consuming date fruits on respiratory conditions, but due to the fact that date fruits can be allergic to some people and the allergy can lead to asthma, It is important to know that people who are at risk of developing asthma must be more careful about the amount of the dates they consume. In fact, around 80% of people who have asthma are allergic to the dust particles in the air. They are even allergic to mould particles on dry fruits like dates too.


3-Excessive consumption of dates can lead to skin rashes and allergies.

  • The sulfate in Dried fruits like dates can cause sensitivity in skin and the moulds on the surface of dried fruits can cause skin acne and pimples.


   4-The sulfate in Dried fruits like dates can cause sensitivity in skin and the moulds on the surface of dried fruits can cause skin acne and pimples.

  • Date fruits can cause weight gain because they are high in fiber and energy; 1 gram of a date has 2.8 calories so we can say that dates are considered as a fruit with moderate energy and can be problematic for people who are at higher risk of obesity.


5-Consuming excessive amount of dates can produce potassium in blood.

  • The unusual potassium rate in blood leads to hyperkalemia. Dates have excessive amount of potassium in them and if consumed in big portions can cause this disease. If the potassium rate in your blood examination report is more than7 you will be needing immediate medication






   6-consuming dates can cause serious harms to kids.

  • Date has a thick texture, so digesting it might be hard for kids’ digestive system, since it is not completely formed and is fragile. Therefore, consuming this fruit can be problematic for them. Next concern is that swallowing the date seed can get stuck in their throat and choke them, so keep the dates away from kids and be careful with them.


7-Excessive consumption of dates can make you fructose intolerant.

  • The natural sugar in dates is for the existence of fructose. Some people may have difficulties digesting them and this will lead to a condition called fructose intolerance. Sugar can react with the natural bacteria in the intestine and this reaction can create stomachache and bloating.


8-Excessive consumption of dates can increase the blood sugar.

  • Many people suffer from diseases like diabetes, high blood sugar and obesity, so they might consider date fruits as an alternative to sugar cubes and white sugar. But you should note that even dates can cause diabetes and high blood sugar if they are consumed excessively, so be careful with the number of dates you have per day to avoid the mentioned conditions and be needles of a doctor’s help.


In conclusion,

our intention of posting this article is not to discourage you having dates, but it is to let you know that the excessive consumption of dates is not recommended at all, especially if you have a health condition, it is better to consult with a doctor before consuming dates.


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