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5 Properties of Date Seeds

date seeds

In The Previous Article We Talked About:

The properties of the meaty part of the Date Fruits and we briefly talked about the seed of this amazing fruit. In this article we will specifically talk about the seed and dive deep into its properties.


Most Important Uses of Date Seeds:

It is very important to mention that Date seeds are a powerful tool in most remedies to cure diseases like Kidney and gallbladder stones. Dates seeds contain amino acids and fibers that are very useful for curing digestive problems. Consuming the Date seed powder is very powerful for weight loss because it helps to boost the metabolism and burn more calories. We should mention that Date Seeds are a very important food source for people who suffer from diabetes. Because the Date Fruit itself is a very good substitute for industrial sugar and it can control the blood sugar level and the Date seed powder controls diabetes and can even cure it after it is used daily, in a short amount of time. Eventually it should be mentioned that Date Seed Powder is a very good remedy for hair loss.

We talked about the minerals that exist in the Dates and their Seeds which are called the Ash of the fruit. These minerals include, calcium, potassium, phosphor, chlorine, sulfur, Magnesium, iron, cupper and so on. These minerals help the body to heal more rapidly and they also boost the immune system. They can help with some skin conditions and nail healing and many others too.

Date fruit parts

Orthopedic benefits

Examining the Date Seeds closely, shows us a thin skin layer on the seeds specially in Kharak Dry Dates, which can be easily removed and used for orthopedic remedies. According to the research done by Khoozestaani scientists, 8 to 10 percent of a Date Seed is oil which is used for cleansers, shampoos, washing powders and soaps. There are so many properties of Palm Trees that are used in different industries. An old Arabic saying goes “Palm Trees have properties for every day of the year.” From their leaves, baskets and carpets are made. From the seeds of their fruits, bread and from their delicious fruits, honey and syrups are made. As we all know, Dates are the only fruits that ever grew in the deserts and this made the residents of these environments capable of satisfying all of their needs using this amazing fruit. Getting back to the Date Seeds; as mentioned, the seeds are grinded down and used for bread making and singed to be used as coffee because the brewed form of this substance is very nutritious. The seeds are a very good source of food for camels.

date seeds


Properties of The Date Seeds in Islamic Medication

in Traditional medicine, specially Islamic medication, the use of Dates and their sub products was the main way to keep the body healthy and strong. They were being used for boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes, healing wounds, detoxing the kidneys and helping them   – to function better.

Using Date Seeds for Weight Loss

The best use of the Date Seeds for weight loss and fat burning is to firstly, wash the seeds and thoroughly dry them to avoid lumps. Then roast the seeds without any oil to create a brown color on the seeds (doing this, you will find the seeds become very tender so you are able to grind them easer). Eventually blend the seeds to make a Date Seed flour. Brewing this flour-like Seed will create an excellent drink for fat burning and weight loss.
Mixing the flour with ginger and cinnamon will not only improve the taste, but also increases the effectiveness of this delicious brew. To do that, brew the Seeds with 1 tea spoon of ginger, 1 tea spoon of cinnamon, half a tea spoon of black paper and finally add a bit of organic honey; then you will have a perfect fat burning drink which is best to be consumed after meal.


Using Date Seed flour for hair and skin care

The Date Seed flour can be used for face masks which can help to control the natural oils on the surface of the skin and in long term it helps with rankles. The flour can be used to strengthen the hair roots and drastically delay hair loss for men and women. For this to happen, the flour must be mixed with olive oil and applied to the hair regularly and after a few months you can see the effects.

date seeds

Other Uses of Date Seed Flour

The Date Seed flour can be used alongside many fruit juices to increase the nourishing properties of the drinks. In the olden days this flour was used for making bread but in today’s time it is less popular to make bread this way. However, they use this flour to make cookies and varieties of pastries.
One of the best properties of Date Seed brew is its low caffeine. This is why Date Seeds are able to control the blood pressure. On the other hand, coffee beans raise the blood pressure. Using excessive amount of coffee raises the heartbeat. Generally, by consuming brewed Date Seeds the blood will be more diluted and the heartbeat can be controlled.


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