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Marketing and Online Marketing:


– Digital Marketing, Marketing:

We want to start this article with a few questions; do you think using “ONLINE” next to marketing or shopping is the opposite of marketing and shopping? And is the opposite of old school shops? If this is your mindset about it, you are completely incorrect! We want to talk about this for our line of work so we can make it more tangible for you.


Digital marketing and marketing are two completely related issues and before getting in to this profession we must first learn the science behind it and after that, the work in digital or online marketing. This way, we can understand that the older and newer field of marketing are not that far apart from one another.

The definition of marketing has different meanings in various perspectives, but we will share with you one of the most thorough definitions by Philip Kotler.

“The science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit.” he says.

Entering the world of marketing with the knowledge of Mr. Kotler’s definition of marketing, gives us the opportunity to succeed just by simply following it. However, to be able to follow this quote we need to read, learn, gather information and gain experience in this field so it’s not as simple as following a quote.

Getting back to Mr. Kotlers definition:

The Science:

Nowadays, naturally marketing has turned in to a science, because the challenges and competition between businesses has become more serious than ever and you can’t get into this line of work without the correct information. For succeeding in our business we need to follow specific sets of rules and guidelines and we can learn this science suited to our own preferences.

Art of Exploring:

Let’s simplify this in one sentence, we have to discover and explore the needs for a product or service and try to find a way to answer it through our work.


Creating and Delivering Value:

Have you ever asked yourself, what unique property does your business have that makes you stand out from your competitors and invites the users to choose your services or products? This would be the creation of values that has been talked about. The value that you deliver to distinguish your business from your competitors. Being attentive to the Delivering part of “Creating and Delivering Value” is quite important. Imagine having a very unique and special service that you can provide for your costumers but not being able to inform them of the service. This diminishes the value of your service because no one knows of its existence. Therefore, you should do as much as you can for informing every one of this service.


Target Market:

At first we try to gather information, explore the needs of people, create value and deliver. All of this work is useless without having a proper targeted market, because all of this work is to sell a product or services to a market but when this target does not exist, there will not be any profit. Best not leave this unsaid, all this work must happen for the needs of the targeted market which can be different in many ways so paying extra attention even at the beginning of your business to the targeted market is very important and impactful.

It’s essential to understand that this kind of marketing must be beneficial for you as a business owner as well as for the costumer. In other words, both party must benefit.

Mr. Kotler also mentions that, there are always unsatisfied needs in the world so you must recognize these needs and try create to your own answer for them. But finding a way to answer them is another story.



As we mentioned before, we are trying to provide useful intel about the different fields that we have gathered information of. We hope this short article would be a satisfying to read for you and could help you start and grow your own business.



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