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Many Interesting Properties of Date Paste

date paste

Date paste :

as we mentioned. One of the most popular products is the date paste. Traditionally this product was homemade in a small scale. However, with increasing demand of this product, the date paste has become an industry that it’s produced in a very large scale.
Factories that produce this paste, use dates like, Kabkaab, Shaahaani, Mazafati, Esta`mera and many other varieties of dates. The two kind of different date paste; dark and yellow. The darker black ones are made from dates that have a darker exterior like Mazafati and the yellow pastes are produced using lighter colored dates.

This question might be pondering in your mind; why should we use this kind of product or even produce it in a larger scale? Well the answer is simple.

All companies and factories around the world are trying to use more naturally processed products that are used for sweetening and overall, in the food industry. Organic materials such as honey and date Fruits has become one of the main products in everyday use of people all around the world.

date paste


What is date paste?

Date paste is a product that is created with natural and organic additives and impurities. Sometimes, other organic products like Walnuts, Peanuts, sesame seeds are added to the paste, so the final product would have an even better taste and be much more nutritious.
Date paste is a very nourishing food that can be consumed for breakfast and supper or even as a meal. This product can be mixed with wheat dough to make a more delicious cake or any pastry.
Nowadays, the food industry is using healthy alternatives to produce higher quality products.

Using the date paste for sweetening and gaining many consumers that use this product. The pastry and cookie industry, kitchens cooking Halva in large scale and bakeries that use date paste to produce different kinds of chocolate and fruit leather (Lavaashak) all use the date dough to make healthier foods.


Answering This Question More Generally:


Date paste can help with blood cholesterol:

The date paste has a large amount of fiber imbedded and this fiber helps to control and raise or lower the blood’s cholesterol level.


Date paste helps with Bone Strength:

As you know the date paste is made with large amount of dates. Dates that are full of minerals like: selenium, magnesium, copper and calcium. All these material are very important for keeping the bones strong and prevents bone decay.

– Helping with the digestive system:

Date paste is very good substitute for artificial sweeteners for different kind of pastries as well as it having a good amount of fiber that is very good for consumption.
This fiber and the magnesium in the date paste is very good tool for digestive regulation and can cure constipation. It is interesting to mention that the date paste can be used to control the acid reflux and even cure it.

Date paste helps a lot with anemia:

Date paste is full of natural iron and this can help with anemia very well. It is suggested for pregnant women to consume at least 2 or 3 full spoon of date paste to control the blood iron deficiency.

Alongside, C and D vitamins that can help with blood production and boost the body’s immune system.

Helping with the immune system:

Date paste can prevent many kinds of illnesses because of high presence of anti-oxidants in the product. Illnesses that happen because of problems with, the heart, nerves system, respiratory system. Also to cure flues and infections, tiredness and fatigue and controlling or even lowering the weight of the body.

Can diabetic people consume date paste?

This question is the main concern of people who are diagnosed with diabetes.
It’s natural to think with the high sugar content of dates and date paste, that it could be unbeneficial and even harmful for people with diabetes.

However, studies show because of the low presence of glycaemia in the dates. Therefore, experiments on diabetic and non-diabetic people don’t show any harmful side effects.

This is why in many diets, consuming this product is the substitute to many sweet food and this product is highly recommended. Be sure to consult your doctor before consuming a large amount of date paste.

diabetesdate paste


We found out what kind of dates are used for producing date paste. We now also know the different kind of uses that this product has for us. We hope this article was useful.
We will be sharing the production of date paste in future articles.



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translated by Golman Araghi


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