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The Kiwis that we supply are sorted in two ways (you can see both sorting methods: Hand Sorting and Machine Sorting in our featured video); Firstly, you will see sorting the kiwis one by one with hand so we can control the quality and delicacy of the sorting process. Secondly, sorting the kiwis with machine that gives an excellent accuracy in choosing the weight and size of the kiwis and creates baskets of kiwi that have the same weight and size.

Variety of Kiwis:

Many different types of kiwis are cultivated in our gardens but the main types that we focus on exporting are: 1.Hayward Kiwis 2.Golden Kiwis 3.Bruno Kiwis. Hayward Kiwis are the main product in demand. The weight of the Kiwis vary between 80 to 110 germs.



In this video you can see the process of sorting by machine and by hand, packing and labeling the Kiwi Fruits for export.



Generally, most baskets weigh between 400 to 450 grams but we use 500 gram baskets to ensure durability and strength. We also provide baskets in variety of colors and are able to modify the baskets tailored to the buyers’ needs.

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