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golden circle

Golden circle:

Simon Sinek:

Is an American-British writer, adviser and motivational speaker who is active as a communication strategy coach in Colombia University and is also part of the RAND corporation.

RAND Corporation:

Is an American nonprofit global policy think tank, created in 1948 by Douglas Aircraft Company to offer research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces.

Simon Sinek Books:

(2009). Start With Why

(2014). Leaders Eat Last

(2016). Together Is Better

(2017). Find Your Why

Let’s get in to it:
Sinek says, ((WHY)) is a very important message that an organization or an individual can connect with. Because, it intrigues people take action.

“Sinek always says start with why”

Sinek’s theory suggests that in communicating with a subject’s brain, “why” is the perfect tool. It might be a little confusing right now but stay with us so we can talk more about “why”.

the golden circle- human brain

Looking at the Diagram, we can better understand the Golden circle Model

The answer to “why” that we are asking is a very useful way to connect with other people, through explaining your values and reaching your goals. Communicating with “why” hits the brain in the personality spot; Meaning it reflexes of a person’s personality. This is why Sinek’s theory is very impactful.

Golden circle + Human Brain:

Sinek tried to understand the human mind with the Golden circle model. We can comprehend the idea better in the followings:


1- WHY:

What differentiates companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google or any other worldwide known companies, is the ability to answer this question. At first glance, it’s easy to answer this question. However, many businesses are incapable to give an answer to it or they just don’t care about it.

When you are able to understand your subjects it lights up the way for your business. Knowing their needs helps you find your responsibility and to be able to produce the best product and eventually, instead of focusing on sales, you are creating value in people’s minds.

“To put it simply, why should we be different compared to our rivals?”

2- HOW:

Answering this question, helps an organization to find its points of strength and value. Finding these traits, differentiates us from our rivals.
Sinek thinks that answering to the question “HOW”, helps us access the limbic system of the brain which analyses the personality and emotions.

“To put it simply, how to communicate with our subject’s brain and eventually to satisfy their needs.”

3- WHAT:

Answering this question makes friction with the outer part of the brain which is the neocortex. This part of the brain is the rational decision making part which the subject needs to believe that he need our products or services.

“To put it simply, instead of focusing on what we are doing, we should focus on why are we providing a service or producing a product?”

These tools are overshadowed because of their simplicity. But understanding them will answer many of our own questions which we are struggling with.


also there is a model and theory than can help you when you are staring a business and it named 5WH and 1H.

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