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4 temperaments of date fruits



4 temperaments of date fruits

When we are talking about the topic of traditional medicine, the issue of temperament is the main focus, the temperaments of Date fruits are no different. Dates are the fruits of Palm Trees which grow in many tropical parts of the world, you can tell this from looking at Date fruits, whether they are dry or not. The more wrinkled the skin of a Dates is, the dryer it is and smoothness on the skin tells us that there is more moisture in the fruit. Date Fruit has many nutritional values and because it is a dried fruit it has more calories than other fresh fruits. These calories are mostly for the existence of carbohydrates with a small amount of fat in the fruit. The Date Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and have a noticeable amount of fiber.

Hot or Cold Temperament?

In traditional medicine the topic of temperament is mentioned as follows:

  • Date Fruits have hot temperament. However, the dryer Dates which are called Tamar have a different temperament.
  • Date Fruits count as powerful food meaning its fattening.
  • Consuming Dates helps with Fatigue, sexual strength, hearing, sight and digestion.
  • Date Fruits count as an aphrodisiac and they strengthen the body
  • Dates can help with Fertility and to amplify this effect, soak a few Dates in fresh milk and add some cinnamon. This can also stop the negative effects that milk has on a cold temperament body.
  • Because of the Date’s hot temperament, it can help to dispose the body’s moisture.
  • Dates can strengthen the Kidneys.
  • Brewing the Dates with fenugreek and drinking it can help with kidney and bladder stone disposal.
  • Dates can cure lymphatic illnesses.
  • In traditional medicine for people who constantly get the flue, the Date Fruit is a very good cure.
  • They can also help with fever and infection.
  • Date Fruits can strengthen the immune system.
  • It is important to remember that the Date Fruits are useful for preventing fever and flue. However, it might even intensify the effects of an illness.
  • Date is a very good laxative as well.


date fruits
dried date fruits

The Tips That Should Be Paid Attention to When Consuming Date Fruits:

  • Consuming an excessive amount of Dates is harmful to the teeth.
  • It is suggested that after eating Dates, you should wash your mouth with a semi-warm water (some vinegar can be added) so the negative effects of Dates on your teeth can be avoided.
  • In places that Date Fruits are not grown, consuming excessive amount of dates is not suggested because it can burn the blood and create infection.
  • Obese people with hot temperament body type must avoid consuming Dates. Because they are more likely to get heated blood than others and Dates enforce that problem and can create a thicker blood.
  • Individuals that are not used to consuming a lot of Date Fruits, can develop headaches, skin acne, burning and aching of the throat.

Consuming an Excessive Amount of Date Fruits:

  • Hot temperamental people and those who are not used to consuming a lot of dates (people who are not residence in places that Date Fruits are harvested), can develop headaches, eye irritation, skin acne, oral plague and a burning in the throat area because of the heating and problems in bile.
  • Obese people have a hotter temperament and must avoid eating dates. Because dates can create a thicker blood in the body and this may lead to more problematic issues in the body.

What Other Foods Can Be Paired with Date Fruits?

Lettuce, rose syrup, poppy seeds, sweet almond, vinegar, pomegranate juice, peppermint and oil can help with the temperament of the Date Fruits.



translated by Golman Araghi



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